ZINCALUME® 42 Steelclad 762
$10.12 (inc GST)
COLORBOND® 42 Steelclad 762
$14.30 (inc GST)
ZINC HI-TEN® 42 Steelclad 762
$11.12 (inc GST)

SteelClad uses a similar profile to the popular 5-ribbed Trimdek® or Monoclad® product, and has a 762mm effective cover. Originally designed as a wall-cladding profile, architects in the 80’s saw its potential as a roofing product and began incorporating it into modern design. Made from high tensile steel, this lightweight cladding material is engineered to provide the highest rigidity possible, while using the least material. Manufactured locally using quality COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel, Steeline SteelClad is strong and long lasting. This profile is suitable for roofing and walling. Available in 3 thicknesses; 0.42, 0.48, 0.60BMT. Availability: All areas